Welcome to the DX Lab at the State Library of NSW. Australia’s first cultural-heritage innovation lab that builds and supports new ways of design thinking, experimentation and deep research with digital technologies.

The DX Lab is a place where innovation and collaboration are explored.  We deliver creative, engaging and new ways to explore the Library’s collections, data sets and services through a diverse range of digital experiences.  We use existing and emerging technologies to build digital experiences onsite, online and on tour.  We are a place for creative partnerships with digital peers, cultural heritage organisations, students, researchers, artists and creators.


As a hub for experimentation we explore user-led design thinking, practices and digital experiences that encourage innovation.  We welcome ideas and provides opportunities for staff and the public to explore the Library, the collections and our data.  To support creative and innovative thinking we offer digital fellowships and a ‘digital drop-in’ program that is open to collaborations with staff, researchers, students, artists and digital peers.

Audience first – do it because it matters not just because it’s shiny
Design creatively with data and partners
Don’t over bake – audiences need to connect through simple + meaningful experiences
Innovate – experiment and think differently
Iterate – if something is already built, just improve on it.
Build digital experiences – not isolated projects
Be open – collaborate, share, co-curate and promote re-use where possible
Constant prototyping – leave room for others to finish and build upon our experiences

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If you would like to get in touch, email us at dxlab@sl.nsw.gov.au

For any media enquiries please contact media.library@sl.nsw.gov.au

The team: 
Kate Curr, Manager Digital Strategy and Innovation
Paula Bray, DX Lab Leader
Luke Dearnley,  Lab Developer
Leonie Jones, Digital Producer
John Kerr, Volunteer.

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  1. Jaume Nualart Vilaplana says:

    Hello SLNSW people,
    I’m writing you to introduce the work I did with part of the SLNSW WWI-Diaries collection. I did an analysis and an interface that allows explore-by-reading. This project is called diggresdiaries.org and it is part of my PhD final project at the University of Canberra with my supervisor Dr Mitchell Whitelaw, now at ANU (in CC).
    At this moment my thesis is on review, but the site is already accessible hee http://diggersdiaries.org/

    I’d like to hear from you, and, in case you like it, I’d be proud if you or the SLNSW could include a link to my project from your site(s).
    Also I’m open to share and discuss my approach. I developed the idea of “deep interfaces” in my dissertation, that I can send to you in case you are interested.

    So, that’s all by the moment. Thanks for your great work at the library.
    Jaume Nualart

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