Painting by Numbers homepage

Explore the works of Ferdinand Bauer in Painting by Numbers

Vending Library sign

The Vending Library will recommend a collection item for you via a Twitter bot.

Miranda world map

Meridian brings collection maps to life in a 3D interactive globe.


Muru View is an interactive data visualisation drawing from The Library’s Indigenous language collections.

Unstacked busiest day

Unstacked is a time-based visualisation of items people are accessing from the State Library of NSW collection.  Created by DX Lab fellows Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw.

Young Sydney transport experiment

Young Sydney is a transport mapping experiment comparing 1877 to today.

Loom Atlas view

Loom is the DX Lab’s first experiment with data visualisation.  Experience three different ways to get data from the Library’s collection.

Panorama viewer

Pano-scope , an experiment that allows you to explore, in detail, some of the awesome panoramas in the Library’s collection.

Portico an in-gallery touch screen experience accompanied by a web version was built for the exhibition ‘Imagine a City: 200 years of Public Architecture in NSW‘.

Postcards view Blue Mountains

1001 Postcards an experimental WebGL interface using over 1000 postcards from the Library’s Broadhurst collection.

Weemala interface

Weemala explore Indigenous place names and meanings located on a map via letters and surveys collected about each place in NSW.

Mainstreet home page

Mainstreet is the result of a two week Digital Drop In program using the Library’s collection with the Tweed Regional Museum’s collection.

Total Topics prototype

Index is a prototype built to explore the amount of Topics for each image in our Loom data visualisation.


 Humphry Repton’s eighteenth century pop up book comes to life with open-source slider technology.

Sydney Harbour Bridge span

A symphony in steel: 100 photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arranged as a Flickascope revealed in a time-lapse