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International Open Data Day was held recently and in celebration of this we have decided to get some different data sets together for you to be inspired by and to use.  #50libcats came about when Erika Taylor from the Tweed Regional Museum spent two weeks in the DX Lab as part of the Digital Drop-In program. Erika set up a spreadsheet and collected 50 cats from the Library’s collection. Inspired by Erika’s #50libcats – curators, librarians, managers and researchers from across the Library have created micro open data sets of images from our Collections.Together we have created eclectic themed sets of high resolution images for you to play with.

Some sets are based on different staff member’s knowledge of collections, others of a particular expertise or enthusiasm. Some sets have come together because they are not readily discoverable.

SLNSW is committed to our collections being as accessible, useable and reusable as possible. These micro sets are small enough for you to explore the diversity and richness of what we have on offer. It includes images from rare books, paintings, advertisements, glass plate negatives, box brownie photographs, botanical illustrations and fascinating maps.

You will find all the data sets under our Github account in the dxlab-libcats repository.

If you use any of these data sets then we would love to hear about it. If you would like to make a set yourself using our collection then please let us know and we can add it to the list. Please share with us what you create using the #50libcats.

We hope you enjoy these different data sets.

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