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80Hz: Sound Lab

Launch experiment

‘Listen’ to priceless paintings from the Library’s collection when the new Michael Crouch Family Galleries open on 6 October.

This architectural sound lab created by DX Lab fellow Thomas Wing-Evans, in collaboration with the DX Lab, is a sonification of 44 mesmerising artworks featured in the Paintings from the Collection exhibition.

The multi-channel, outdoor soundscape works by identifying different tones, complexities and colours in the paintings, as well as metadata such as location and date.

80Hz: Sound Lab’s stay at the State Library was extended until November 26, 2018.

This project is supported through a gift to the State Library of NSW Foundation.

Read the three part series about the making of 80Hz here.

80Hz sound Lab design
Scale drawing of 80Hz



Where will the 80hz be displayed next? Will be in the region mid-November and hope to see it then. Thanks

Paula Bray

Thanks Sara for your interest. We will be working on a touring option early next year. We will let you know when that is announced.