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Drug Info Project

The DX Lab’s next big project is in collaboration with the Drug Info team at the Library. This team provides free information about drugs, alcohol and the law for the community of New South Wales. They also provide the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub, a travelling interactive information and display program for NSW public libraries. We are excited to partner with this team and the NSW Ministry of Health to build a new digital experience for the hub using information from the A-Z of Drugs.

The aim of the hub is to:

  • provide access to quality and up to date information about drugs and alcohol
  • encourage discussion around community drug and alcohol issues
  • assist libraries to identify support networks and agencies within the local community
  • encourage and support partnerships between local public libraries, Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs) and other agencies.

The DX Lab will be creating an interactive component for the hub using content from the Drug Info website. This will be a browser-based web experience that will also be available in kiosk mode, displayed on iPads as part of the hubs being circulated in public libraries across the state.

As part of our UX research we have developed a survey to help us gain insights into what information is important. The results from this survey will help us design a user-centred experience. If you have a few minutes to help us answer some questions, you can complete the survey here. It is anonymous, and the data will only be used to help us design the digital experience.