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We are excited to announce that Kaho Cheung is joining the DX Lab team as the DX Lab Developer.

Kaho Cheung is a full stack developer with a particular interest in data and interaction design. For the past 4 years, Kaho has been a Senior Digital Developer at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) in Sydney. Most recently, Kaho helped deliver MAAS’s new collection website and public API.

After studying industrial design, Kaho has moved from print, web design to eventually web development. For most of his career, Kaho has worked as a freelancer, allowing him to also pursue a career in electronic music.

Kaho is an avid table tennis fan, enjoys science fiction and playing his ukulele. He always has various side projects bubbling away, with one project receiving a grant from the Walkley Media Incubator and Innovation Fund just last week.

Data Explorer is an interactive platform to explore and visualise global public data. Using this tool, journalists and researchers can explore vast datasets from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, UNESCO and the European Union, finding hidden trends that aren’t apparent when looking at the raw numbers.’

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‘The secondment from MAAS to the Library’s DX Lab is a rare and exciting opportunity. I’ll be bringing museum and tech experience, however I’m most looking forward to learning about the library, collaborating and experimenting with the institution’s vast digital collections’. Kaho Cheung.

We welcome Kaho to the DX Lab team.

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