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The DX Lab is excited to announce #NewSelfWales is one of The Library’s upcoming gallery experiences that will be launched in the new Michael Crouch Family Galleries on October 6th.

We are asking people to upload a portrait of themselves via Instagram using the #NewSelfWales and this will become part of our immersive in-gallery and online experience.

The digital experience in the gallery will feature thousands of portraits from the Library’s collection through multiple projections in a way that has not be done before.  Visitors have the ability to use a photo booth on-site to share their portrait if they don’t have an Instagram account.  As images get uploaded they will be mixed in with the Library’s collection via a data feed.  In this process we are collecting what the face of NSW looks like in 2018.

We will be sharing a blog post on the research and user-experience design process and we will make the Library’s collection of thousands of portraits available as a data set.  (Note this will not include the portraits from Instagram)

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