The DX Lab was a project of the State Library of NSW that ran from 2015 until mid-2021. The Lab is now closed, but many of the experiments created (including this website) during that time remain as a record of the work done there.



The DX Lab was a project from 2015 to mid-2021. The Lab is now closed and our code is no longer maintained.

With over 10 million digitised items to expose, create with and share, the Library enables Australians to interrogate our past, understand our present and imagine our future. The DX Lab develops new ways to explore these digitised items and data and supports others to creatively use this content also. Code from DX Lab projects goes into the Library’s GitHub account. In this account you can also get small data sets of ’50 things’ from our collection which we called 50libcats.

Here is a list of what is currently available on the Library’s Open Data page.

There are over 3000 high-resolution images available in the Library’s account on Flickr Commons.

You can access the Library’s data through the Trove API where we have collection items such as maps, photographs and newspapers articles.

If you would like the Library to provide access to a particular dataset, please let us know by sending your suggestion to

If you are using our code then we would love to hear about it.

Please use the hashtag #madewithslnsw on your social media channels. If you make any projects using State Library of NSW data we highly recommend they be released under a Creative Commons 3.0 (CC BY 3.0 AU) license.

If you need some feedback about using our code please email us at