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Sydney, NSW, 2044
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It’s starting to heat up. We’ve had a few very hot days already and the weekend before last a scorching heatwave that lasted all weekend.
Nevertheless, the overall mood in the country is much better I think. Much calmer. The news of a vaccine soon has, I think, calmed people. It has calmed me at any rate and I think my father who has been pretty much cooped up at home all year. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
A word about the irresponsibility of the media. At the beginning of the year the mood was anything but calm with the media whipping everything up…

6th of december 2020 part 2

little bay, NSW, 2036

covid is so annoying. i wish we could go back to the old days were there is no covid. i am now allowed to go in peoples houses and me and my two friends are so close and love each other as if they where my family. and thats all for now and i will write to you again once i have another story to tell about covid.

6th of december 2020

little bay, NSW, 2036

Covid 19 has changed our lives. It has definitely changed our lives firstly because there is a new virus that can kill people. But that’s fine because i just pretend that it isn’t around but that is hard because it is around and i keep asking myself the same question over and over again, when is covid going to stop and when is our life going to go back to normal again? I keep looking back to the old days when there was no covid. When i first heard about covid it was on the news then my parents started telling me more about the new virus. I was wondering how it started and i still don’t k…


uki, NSW, 2484

I miss you…FRIENDS.
I miss you…FAMALY.
I miss you…BEACH.
I miss you…TOWN.
I miss you…AIR.
I miss you…CUMPONY.
I miss you…COMUCASHON.
I miss you…PARK.
I miss you…SCHOOL.
I miss you…SHOPS.
I miss you…PEOPE.



uki, NSW, 2484

We are strugaling throw pane and misery.
But if we stand together we will make it.
We will make it I promes cos we are strong.
We will fight till the end.
Were we will get puzzel bake up.




21/11 /2020

Sydney, NSW, 2044
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It was my father’s birthday on the 18th. He turned 92. He hasn’t been the easiest person to protect from COVID-19 mainly because at the beginning he wasn’t taking things seriously enough. He wasn’t taking enough care. He has a tendency to downplay health issues anyway. He still lives in his own home with Mum so that worked in his favour but for a while there he didn’t want to stay home. There was a secret visit to a coffee shop (kept secret from the family)and not wearing a mask, to see friends. Fortunately there was no one there and he came home again. His f…


Sydney, NSW, 2044
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I just read some hours ago that yesterday in Melbourne CSL started making 30 million doses of the University of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine because the trial is nearing completion and it looks like it will be successful. Churches have opposed this vaccine because they have said it uses cells from an aborted foetus. I need to do some investigating before I decide to take it, that is if this is the vaccine that will be made available. At any rate it is an extraordinary achievement. That a vaccine could be found and made available so quickly. Another feather in the cap of human achievement.


Gold Coast, QLD
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I fought a drowning part of me in a glowing cave in the silent of night. Gasping for air; heart beating; an invisible inhabitant soars around my matter. I hold this tension in my bones.

A white smoke inhaled from expanded lungs. A spark in a wick of warmth. I abandon the horror; the panic; the smothering.

I felt warmth and compassion and Life through a technologically advanced vibration in the air connecting one Soul to Another with verbal expression.


I found magic; I found power; I found innocent playtime again.


I visited a lover through glass and empty space of matter. Muffled verbal…


Gold Coast, QLD
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No more flowers
No more Flower Mouth
No more salty stricken dried tears
No more panic
No more manic

You are not the Flower Mouth anymore
I am my own Flower Mouth

I am “soft, and beautiful, and killing you”?
No, no, no honey

I am soft, and beautiful and I killed the me you thought you could control forever.

You died that night
In everyone sense but the literal
And your ghost has haunted me ever since

I am not yours
The Flower Mouth is mine


Anna Kerdijk Nicholson
Bungonia, NSW, 2580

Waiting for rain

My shoulders are taut,
sitting on a wooden bench
staring at the fields,
I realise how much I am straining,
willing rain to come.
I decide, instead, to listen.

Near-in to my body,
throat breath,
heart-beat I hear so much these days,
the dog’s paw on a gabion
taking careful steps on wires and rocks,
toenails on wood.

At mid-range, birds:
a lark over our fields,
ravens cawing,
ducks dry crop-futtling, silver-eyes in thorns,
small plovers ‘twitting’,

29 October.

Albury, NSW

I miss you, Sea.
I miss you, Sea mist.
With tide I did follow.
Stranded now dry
I ache in my sorrow.


Sydney, NSW, 2044
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Things at the moment have been about water. It rained last night and everything is wet. It is going to rain for the next week much to the delight of my garden and plants everywhere. The rain will wash everything down and cleanse. The first sunshine after rain is glorious. I look forward to it.
Still on the theme of water my pipes decided that during COVID-19 was the time to play up. Over 7 days it was a flooded shower, a visit from the loveliest young handyman in Australia from Nowra I think who put a camera down my shower drain only to discover the problem wasn’t there and the…

15 Oct 2020

Deidre Chambers

Is this really the end of the world as we know it? Because the sun is shining today and it’s hard to imagine it ends on such a glorious spring day. Stay stay everyone and stay gold, Ponyboy.


Geelong, VIC, 3215

I still think of him daily.

At the end of the day, I peel back my bed covers and melting onto the mattress i prematurely congratulate myself that I went a day without thinking of him. Jinx! Too late.

I then play music which we played or i create playlists about us and the moods we were in, the emotions we bled in unison.

I wonder if he sees my subtle code of playlists and images I curate on spotify.

Does he not-think of me too?

10/10 /2020

Sydney, NSW
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This morning it was glorious in Hyde Park sitting next to the purple and white pansies. They were so many of them. It wasn’t too hot sitting in the sun. There was a slight breeze and in the shade it was even cold. It was busy in the park this morning. There must have been some sort of a Harry Potter convention because there were a lot of young people wearing black capes, witches’ hats and waving magic wands about.
I have decided to pass on Halloween this year but I will give a couple of packets of Freddo Frogs to my next-door neighbour for the neighbourhood children.

October 2020

Vanessa W
Sydney, NSW, 2030
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Bowral, NSW

COVID has proved that flexible working hours are in fact not a ‘women’s issue.’ With so many people now working from home, and getting their work done, it is clear that what has stopped flexibility in workplaces is convention. We’ve had an IT revolution and so should be devising new ways to work. COVID has given us an opportunity to reimagine work and life.

Lockdown has also made us reappraise the value of home cooking and the humble omelette! We decide to paint the inside of the house, starting with sage green. Already the colour is uplifting, replacing the sickly cream. More daffod…


Mary Chiarella
Mosman, NSW, 2088

Beware the silence
For, in that quiet place
The truth that is unwanted is revealed.
The fact that loneliness is in that space
And silence shows the wound
That never healed.

Beware the stillness.
For, in that barren ache
The hand of living uncaressed is dealt.
The fragments of affection that assuaged the break
Are gone, and emptiness is all
Sensation that is felt.

But stop. You cannot journey down this path
For if you do the stillness and the silence will enfold you
You have to turn to face the light
And let the ghosts you miss so much uphold you.

Muster connections.
For in those distance…


Lynda Spilsbury
Bonny Hills, NSW, 2445

My family and I live in a beautiful seaside village named Bonny Hills on the NSW Mid North Coast. Sounds idyllic, well yes it was until Covid-19 hit our community.
I had a contract job working for TAFE in Port Macquarie and had been doing this for the past 8 months. My 10 week contract was meant to be renewed at the end of March. Covid-19 took my job away.
I applied for Job Seeker and was fortunate to get that including the extra $550 Covid payment. It kept our finances afloat, but we ended up dipping into our savings just to pay for the basics.
Ending work gave me plenty of time. I was able t…

September 27, 2020

Leah Dancel
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
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In a solitary moment
Musing as I skywatch from my window
Observing some monumental acts
But clusters of white puffy clouds
Are pinned in the sky, sitting in stillness
Ignoring my prying eyes
Unperturbed in their own mindful state.

Spring is fanning its gentle breeze
As mildly as a bright calm day
With leaves of the trees swaying
Gracefully in branches and twigs
Albeit, in the absence of birds that sing and dance
Life seems dull and uninspiring without them
Their music is what I long to hear like yesterday.

In such a time with so much space
To colour my day with gaily impression
What thou…


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This morning was very pleasant. It was deliciously warm with a slight breeze. It was so nice sitting on a park bench with my French conversation tutor. He is very easy to talk to. It might seem indulgent but I have to do things that are good for my mental health.
On that note I am going to do something about my small garden. After Westconnex finishes tunnelling (mid -november) and the concreting and the paving in the backyard is finished I am going to plant some beautiful plants, mostly Australian natives. I have been looking online at pictures and thinking about what I might plant.…

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