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Geelong, VIC, 3215

I still think of him daily.

At the end of the day, I peel back my bed covers and melting onto the mattress i prematurely congratulate myself that I went a day without thinking of him. Jinx! Too late.

I then play music which we played or i create playlists about us and the moods we were in, the emotions we bled in unison.

I wonder if he sees my subtle code of playlists and images I curate on spotify.

Does he not-think of me too?

10/10 /2020

Sydney, NSW
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This morning it was glorious in Hyde Park sitting next to the purple and white pansies. They were so many of them. It wasn’t too hot sitting in the sun. There was a slight breeze and in the shade it was even cold. It was busy in the park this morning. There must have been some sort of a Harry Potter convention because there were a lot of young people wearing black capes, witches’ hats and waving magic wands about.
I have decided to pass on Halloween this year but I will give a couple of packets of Freddo Frogs to my next-door neighbour for the neighbourhood children.

October 2020

Vanessa W
Sydney, NSW, 2030
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Bowral, NSW

COVID has proved that flexible working hours are in fact not a ‘women’s issue.’ With so many people now working from home, and getting their work done, it is clear that what has stopped flexibility in workplaces is convention. We’ve had an IT revolution and so should be devising new ways to work. COVID has given us an opportunity to reimagine work and life.

Lockdown has also made us reappraise the value of home cooking and the humble omelette! We decide to paint the inside of the house, starting with sage green. Already the colour is uplifting, replacing the sickly cream. More daffod…


Mary Chiarella
Mosman, NSW, 2088

Beware the silence
For, in that quiet place
The truth that is unwanted is revealed.
The fact that loneliness is in that space
And silence shows the wound
That never healed.

Beware the stillness.
For, in that barren ache
The hand of living uncaressed is dealt.
The fragments of affection that assuaged the break
Are gone, and emptiness is all
Sensation that is felt.

But stop. You cannot journey down this path
For if you do the stillness and the silence will enfold you
You have to turn to face the light
And let the ghosts you miss so much uphold you.

Muster connections.
For in those distance…


Lynda Spilsbury
Bonny Hills, NSW, 2445

My family and I live in a beautiful seaside village named Bonny Hills on the NSW Mid North Coast. Sounds idyllic, well yes it was until Covid-19 hit our community.
I had a contract job working for TAFE in Port Macquarie and had been doing this for the past 8 months. My 10 week contract was meant to be renewed at the end of March. Covid-19 took my job away.
I applied for Job Seeker and was fortunate to get that including the extra $550 Covid payment. It kept our finances afloat, but we ended up dipping into our savings just to pay for the basics.
Ending work gave me plenty of time. I was able t…

September 27, 2020

Leah Dancel
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
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In a solitary moment
Musing as I skywatch from my window
Observing some monumental acts
But clusters of white puffy clouds
Are pinned in the sky, sitting in stillness
Ignoring my prying eyes
Unperturbed in their own mindful state.

Spring is fanning its gentle breeze
As mildly as a bright calm day
With leaves of the trees swaying
Gracefully in branches and twigs
Albeit, in the absence of birds that sing and dance
Life seems dull and uninspiring without them
Their music is what I long to hear like yesterday.

In such a time with so much space
To colour my day with gaily impression
What thou…


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This morning was very pleasant. It was deliciously warm with a slight breeze. It was so nice sitting on a park bench with my French conversation tutor. He is very easy to talk to. It might seem indulgent but I have to do things that are good for my mental health.
On that note I am going to do something about my small garden. After Westconnex finishes tunnelling (mid -november) and the concreting and the paving in the backyard is finished I am going to plant some beautiful plants, mostly Australian natives. I have been looking online at pictures and thinking about what I might plant.…

25th September 2020

Elizabeth M. Fry
Westmead, NSW, 2145
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The sun is shining but the wind furiously slashes into the trees in my garden – all overgrown (are they getting into my old sewer pipes again?) I’m heading towards 80 years old and suffering from co-morbidities as they call the diseases of aging these days. I don’t feel old, or sick, but there you are. I know only too well that I must stay cocooned in my house and garden and take care when I go out to shop. It’s not COVID that I fear so much, as the after effects if I recover from a dose of it.

It’s been fun finding interesting Webinars and participating in d…

17 Sep 2020

Marie McMillan
Paddington, NSW, 2021

Mon Plaisir Démodé*
(In the time of Covid-19)

Les amoureux on distant banks of river Seine
Can’t feel my pain
For I’m locked in, locked down,
Can’t cuddle, skin-to-skin, can’t touch
A face, a hand, another’s hips or lips

The sticky vernix of the just-born child
Soon after cleansed to silken sheen,
Unblemished derm,
The tiny talc-ēd fist,
The trusting thrust of two-year-old’s soft hand,
The tickle of my tootsie bear’s big toe,
The malodorously sweaty adolescent feet,
The pedal pong of the perspiring athlete,
The interlocking huddle of the rugger scrum,
The undulating rivulets of elderly’s …


Beth E
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With everything that is going, we are getting through everything. There are a few Covid cases happening and apart from that, everything is back to normal( apart from 1.5 metre distance). This isn’t because covid is dying down though, it is because together, we battled through the first wave and the growing second wave and it has died down.



Nathaniel Vargas
Hornsby, NSW, 2077
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Why I Love My Dad and Mum

I love my mum because she is organised. My dad gives me snuggles. He is really funny.

Mum is really good at finding things on the internet. My dad gives me great advice.

My mum is good at playing jacks. My dad works to defend people being guilty at court.

I love my mum and dad.


Jaime Cuellar
Thornbury/Melbourne, VIC, 3071

Dear diary,

Lockdown has affected every aspect of human life. Every day is a constant battle to keep going, to keep on fighting my personal struggles, and in order to do that, myself holds to the tiniest aspects of humanity that is left; the smell of coffee in the morning, the way the sun shines during the day, the way my cats play and fool around, long strolls around the park and new discoveries in terms of books (now am obsessed with Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgward).

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know we are close to a “normal” life, but it really has been …

September 2020

Vanessa W
Watsons Bay, NSW, 2030
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Watsons Bay, NSW

The sun is glistening all across the ocean. Kookaburras chorus. It could be summer. I enjoy the salmon sunset and for a moment forget about COVID making domestic violence escalate all across New South Wales. In Watsons Bay, I’ve noticed so many more fathers playing with their children. In parks, taking walks, flying kites, riding bikes, holding hands. I hope it is happening elsewhere. One happy outcome borne of collective anxiety, more time, and being housebound.

State borders are still closed, and for a moment it is suggested that doctors should decide when borders should open …


Sydney, NSW
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I’ve just shut the back door, closed the kitchen window and turned on the air conditioner because the people who live in the house behind me are sitting outside and smoking. There have been guests, a celebratory lunch and now a smoke. Who in this day and age still smokes ? My neighbours. There’s COVID-19 and people are still smoking.
I’m feeling a bit better today. Calmer. A medical appointment yesterday upset me. I accompanied my 91 year old father when he went to see his nephrologist. He has to decide whether he wants to do dialysis. His nephrologist advises agai…

August 31, 2020

Leah Dancel
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
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Days hasten towards dusk;
Cloudy skies chasing daylight.
Soon twilights settle in revealing,
What veils the mystic darkness that deem.
Snow clouds feather the air;
Wafting freezing blows of wind;
Ready to imperil the cautious days;
Icy drops pelting without mercy.
Like a lazy kite, it’s movement seems
Graffiti of snowflakes flying slow;
Like cotton balls from the pillows;
They dance amidst the unrelenting gale.
The blanket of dense whiteness
Fills the ground neatly trimmed;
Capping mountains, covering the hills;
Spectacles of beauty: fresh and crisps.
Days are…

1/9/20 Spring

Judy Stokes
Gosford, NSW, 2250
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I have a cardboard box.
It is now quite full.

As I hear a willy wag tail welcoming in Spring I think about my cardboard box and its contents of the last six months.

I have kept, copied, printed off all the funny memes, the graphs, the photos, the articles, the letters, the instructional signs (PLEASE stand 1.5 metres apart) (USE HAND SANITISER) that I have come across since the pandemic began. Or even just before.

At the end of January
I received an email from the Dean of the University warning returning students from China to isolate.
I noticed a Chinese couple wearing masks on our flight bac…

August 28, 2020

Leah Dancel
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
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The story erstwhile: Lily aka Carol and John went on separate ways going home to their respective places. Heaviness was in their hearts, but they both vowed to keep in touch with each other.

While home and back to resuming their area of responsibility at work, they buried their heads to doing what they needed to do. And, with a great deal of care and as focused as if nothing happened. Lily, by the way, worked as a Surgical Nurse in a prestigious hospital in their locality.

Distance and work didn’t dampen their enthusiasm. Feelings for each other were nurtu…

June 2020

Vanessa W
Bowral, NSW, 2576
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Bowral, NSW

We arrived to find that the weeping tree with the beautiful green leaves in our backyard is actually a cherry blossom! Its tiny pink buds waiting to open. Having wanted to plant a cherry blossom, I am ecstatic. The lemon tree is alive and we bucket it each day we are here. There are still water restrictions. Cockatoos screech high overhead, and we’re visited by inquisitive crimson rosellas and king parrots. We’re mowing the long grass and the pandemic is still with us. Evidently there will be a second wave. COVID cases in the United States are soaring. I’m concerned that we have no …


Ayah Al-Badry
south wentworthvill, NSW, 2145

The light that shined my life is gone out

Dear Daire
It has been 1,079 days,25896 hours,1553760 minutes, and 93225600 seconds from September 16th, 2017 the day that my life took an unexpected turn together with my future.

I did not know how this day will have a major impact on me. the day that I lost my faith, my soul, and my hope in this cruel world that we call home. how can an innocent 12-year-old girl at that time face the reality of this world? the world around us that is wicked, evil, and monstrous.

How can she

August 28, 2020

Leah Dancel
Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
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Two loveless people torn by the unrelenting demands of their profession were set on a blind date by those very closed to their hearts. They’re set apart by borders of the four corners in the country they lived. Living a busy life working in the field of their endeavours, they forgot about themselves.

After some hard convincing and persuading, they gave in to take a one week break to unwind somewhere. Unknown to them the love machinery was at work, socially scripted behind the scene. Imagine a retro setting of a Parisian cafe they had to meet up one summer. By sheer coin…