The DX Lab was a project of the State Library of NSW that ran from 2015 until mid-2021. The Lab is now closed, but many of the experiments created (including this website) during that time remain as a record of the work done there.



The DX Lab was a project from 2015 to mid-2021. The Lab is now closed and no longer offering fellowships, but this site has been retained for reference.

We welcome ideas and provide opportunities for creative technologists to explore the Library’s collections and data. To support creative and innovative thinking we offer dedicated digital grants and a digital drop-in program.

The DX Lab Fellowship: $30k

The DX Lab fellowship is Australia’s first dedicated digital grant that has been specifically set up to support the creative and innovative use of the Library’s collection data. This is a unique opportunity for Creative Technologists, particularly within the Gallery, Library, Museum and Archive sector (GLAM). The grant is being offered at $30,000 to enable experimentation, research and digital innovation. The DX Lab Fellowship is supported through a gift to the State Library of NSW Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation which supports key Library fellowships, and innovative exhibitions and landmark acquisitions.

Young Creative Technologist Award: $10K

The State Library of NSW’s DX Lab offers a unique opportunity for a young creative technologist to undertake an innovative project of their choice. The Young Creative Technologist Award, proudly supported by Macquarie Group, gives a young person aged 18-25 the opportunity to create an innovative digital experience utilising some of the Library’s seven million digitised images. This is a $10,000 cash prize. In 2018 this has been awarded to Vignesh Sankaran.

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The Digital Learning Fellowship: $10k

The Sydney Grammar School and State Library of NSW Digital Learning Fellowship is an opportunity for a Creative Technologist to engage with the Library’s rich heritage collections transforming the Visionaries data set into an exciting interface and learning resource for teachers and students. This grant has been designed to support the creative and innovative use of the Library’s rich collections with a specific emphasis on promoting collections and items which are strongly relevant to a K-12 schools audience and curriculum. This digital grant is for a Technologist in the digital humanities particularly within the Gallery, Library, Museum and Archive (GLAM) sector and is valued at $10,000. In 2016 this grant was awarded to Geoff Hinchcliffe.

Digital Drop-In Program: $5k

The DX Lab offers two creative technologist placements per year for people from a range of creative sectors to collaborate on quick sprints. This provides opportunities for people to research innovative technologies using the Library’s collection data sets and publish their results on the DX Lab website.

You can find out about all State Library of NSW fellowships here.