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28 May 2020

Wendy Blaxland
Wahroonga, NSW, 2076
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Suddenly they were there,
tiny plants clinging to
a rocky bank at the edge
of the bush. Cute
pale green shield-shaped plates
with a few green leaves
hopefully held aloft.
I watered them occasionally,
wished them well. Then drought bit.
We had more to worry about
than self-seeded ferns.
They clung to life, most of them
as the sandy soil baked in the sun.

Now, two years later,
seven still survive,
plump and flourishing
in the recent rain.
They seem to live on air…
Four have moulded themselves
around the rock their spore
fell on and germinated,
small or large, cube…


Violet FitzSimons
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The sun is dancing across my screen as my fingers trip over the keyboard in a feeble attempt to touch type (yet another lockdown skill with questionable results).Birds are quite literally chirping as girls gossip over my head, distant laughter echoing through the courtyard. Its times like these, times when you expect someone to burst into song or frolic in the grass that you forget that anything happened in the first place.

Maybe it’s the fact that were all clutching so desperately at the tattered remains of normality. The commodity of seeing real faces again or the burst of joy when you find a…


Willowdale, NSW

Covid-19 is destroying my life because my family hates it!

Yesterday my Nanny bought a Covid-19 mask!!😑 I told her that it only stops her from touching her face! well… I am having a good life.

The bad thing that happened was when I spilt orange juice on my computer! But I got a new one.

4th of June 2020

Willowdale, NSW

2020. The hardest year after one hundred years. For you it must of been hard. Some of the negative things were the home school was hard, my siblings hogged Mum and I got tired because usually my teacher yells a lot and keeps me awake.

There were some good things mixed in the bad things like I didn’t have to go to school and I got lot’s of family time. I will never forget how I felt disappointed at times with the Internet how it kept dropping out and feeling like it won’t come back but in the end it came back.

My biggest hope is that next year is as fresh as a new apple. 🍎🍏


Sydney, NSW

QUARANTINE Has been a big disaster we barley even could go out but it got even better and better. because we could go out again but we still had to stay 1.5 meters away and some shops will only allow one person at a time. Also even when your driving the police will pull you over and every one thinks 2020 has been a bad year so far. It is bad even people are getting tested. But when i came back to school i was happy because i didnt see my friends four a long time i thought i wouldn’t come back but here i am now however every day i wonder when I`m going to school and by the time i came out…


Sydney, NSW

2020 has been an annoying month this year because of Corona!
Right now i had some good things happening. I played Roblox.
Somethings were not to good. I am really frustrated and worried about me not going to the shops.
There will be something i will never forget which is my family and friends coming over.
However it will take long to end Covid -19. This is really bad because all of this is causing us crazy, so wash your hands for 20 seconds. And stop Corona!


Sydney, NSW

2020 has been a very bad year because of COVID-19 had domination. It was killing lots of people. People were terrified, sad and worried.

There were good things though. Coronavirus became better than ever before because it was killing less people.

The virus was still a problem. Almost everyone couldn’t see their friends and cousins.

I am feeling super bored because I have to stay home because of Corona.

I am never going to forget that COVID-19 was more worse in 2020 than 2019.

I am excited for seeing my friend’s YouTube channel and yes, he has one. I am going to see my friend’s cha…


Willowdale, NSW

During lockdown home has been annoying and has also been funny to my cousins Maddie and Catiy came over to play Roblox and my sister had the phone all the time. I was annoyed because my sister was being a phone hog.

28th May, 2020

Josh G

Life in lock down has been very
stressful. Here are all the things I did or needed in lock down. For home learning there is a tool on all devices called stile which teachers use to chat to students and put lesson links, reminders and homework on the page.

We used something called zoom which is just like FaceTime although with any amount of people. There are so many features including mute, turning off video, profile pictures, leaving computer audio, record, chat, participants ,clap/ thumbs up and MORE!!!!.

Each year went back to school 1 day a week and year 5 my year went on M…

4 June 2020

Blackheath, NSW, 2785

I have been enjoying the lockdown caused by the pandemic. It has been an opportunity to stop rushing around and be at home, with my partner and our garden. Our early attempts at an exercise regime have fallen away, but I do two zoom yoga classes a week and we take a good walk almost every day. We have a project to walk every street in our village, and discovering lots of beautiful homes and interesting views that we were not aware of. It gives us a focus which keeps us going.

My family has set up a weekly zoom so we have been seeing more of them than usual, which is a delight. We have been att…

June 4

Michele Fermanis-Winward
Blackheath, NSW, 2785

Covid Isolation –
Plus and Minus

The days slip languidly
how easily my old ways disappear
of weekly shop and cafe jaunt
dinner out with make up on
no longer tempt excess.

My home, my sanctuary
with kitchen, garden, dog and spouse
a soft, well rounded love
how fortunate I am
to be retired today.

Outside turmoil brews
spotlights our unjust world
the weak and poor are left exposed
this pandemic cannot change
ingrained racist minds.

4 June 2020

Orange, NSW, 2800

2020… the year our lives has changed. So many surprises… shocking events…devastations … sadness and pain. Life couldn’t be anymore different than the way its always been. We meet people we know down the street we say hello from the distance, no hugs no kisses just a loud conversation so we can hear each other.

People aren’t at ease any more. There’s uncertainty, there’s confusion and concerns on their faces.
But on the positive side we realized who we really are, who we really care for and whats our purpose in life.

Humanity had never been strong…


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In this day and age, connection is both a blessing and a curse. Courtesy of technology, it is possible to reach out to people half way around the world in real time, something our ancestors during the Spanish Flu can only dream of. The curse of it all is one can only hopelessly watch in horror, dismay and despair as society is dangerously close to repeating history, and not the better part of it, in real time.

Amidst the chaos, one can’t help with the feeling of loneliness, despite all the connections as nothing can compensate for that feeling of warmth, comfort and assurance at an exchan…


Conrad Dunn
Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Through the eyes of a Pilgrim. I see out from my Window the Silence on the River , I see it from the Northern Morning Sun ,to the windy evening river run. The Silent winding River path lonely where no human Treads. I search towards the distant sunset only to hear the hustle from the trees . Please tell this soul when Love snd life will adore the beauty of our river bends. As without the sound of mankind’s tread the breath of life does end.

15 May 2020

Wendy Blaxland
Wahroonga, NSW, 2076
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This year was different.
The day before, in the supermarket
I join the carefully separated shoppers
with sheafs of chrysanthemums
in the tops of their trolleys
above the boxes of chocolates.

It feels like Christmas eve:
the tone is festive,

Women in mid-life manoevre trolleys deftly,
scanning their lists with practised eyes.
The seafood counter’s busy.

Fathers with sons stride past un-trolleyed,
intent on getting in and out,
or stand in checkout lines with just
Mum’s favourite sweets in hand.
‘That’ll do.’ Relieved.

Me? I gather my Saturday papers,
my favourite…


Springwood, NSW

My life has changed a lot! From me going to school every five days to staying At home for three months.

I have been doing well with homeschooling. It’s been bit boring lately with out my friends. I’m going back to school next week. I think that the week is going to go very quickly. So I am very happy about that! While I have been at home I was quite happy to see my family just for a little bit longer than usual. It feels like that but it really hasn’t been A little bit longer. It’s been forever.

This is what my life has been while at home.

28th May, 2020


Dear diary

In quarantine I have been at home a lot and it has been lonely.
I wonder what people are doing at home .
I can not believe that I haven’t seen my grandparents in so long.
I’m imagining that they can not sit still and are bored out of their minds.
Sometimes i feel bored but that’s mostly only when my parents are working.
In spare time I bake, cook, make dinners and lunches.
Sometimes schools shut down but we are doing E-Learning.

We were only allowed to go out to get groceries and go for walks but now the restrictions have lifted and we are allowed out to see our fami…



My diary file

Life right now being a student has been a little weird. During COVID 19 I loved doing cooking, baking and swimming, my mum made me go for lots of walks and it ended up being lots of fun. In the house everyone has gone mad it has been hard during this time, we fight a lot more than we used to and I have started to get angry a lot more.

They still have the school open for students to go and do their work there if their parents have to work, that student would be me. Coronavirus started through a bat in China and a lot of people have died from this, this has been really hard for some…


Libby Hathorn
Centennial Park, NSW, 2021

A BOOK LAUNCH: That No One Can Attend

I’m dismayed at the havoc Covid19 is causing world-wide and then with its effect in my own small writer’s world. For me, lots more thinking time and thus more poetry written on the best side of it, but wondering and heartache too.

No! Never! A Cautionary Tale, my latest work that I’ve co-written with my daughter Lisa, with lots of library talks scheduled – all cancelled. Well not quite! Hachette, our publisher, was happy to go ahead, not quite as planned, with Jessica Rowe and come-who-may. This was theirs and ours very first experie…

3 June 2020

Redfern, NSW, 2016

I am in the Mitchell Library reading room writing this and am so very glad to be back in this precious place. I was also here on Monday, 1 June 2020, during the morning session, which was the first day that the library had been allowed to open since March 2020. Understanding that services within the library would be limited did not deter me from attending as part of a privileged first group of people that were able to book and secure a place at the first open session at the SLNSW since is was abruptly closed as a part of the government’ response to Corona virus. I am deeply grateful to…